What to do with your left over pumpkin

If you are like me, your pumpkin is sitting on the front step waiting to cave in because of the neglect. Like, literally, our pumpkins cave in. We are too lazy to carve them because the kids are still too young to even understand what we are doing…so the pumpkins sit on the front step to give our home a festive feeling and then they are left there until they rot.


So….this year, I thought I would actually do something with our pumpkin besides make it a cute photo prop. We painted our pumpkin!

Pumpkin Painting with those leftover pumpkins

I got some cute Crayola finger paints, put down some newspaper and let Maggie go to town.


It is literally the easiest craft to do with your kiddos.


Have fun…and don’t get too messy! The nice thing about Crayola is that it washes out, but as you can see, we let Maggie do this topless- toddlers gone wild, ya’ll!

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