Urfer Family Park

We visited a new park recently call Urfer Family Park and it was a lot of fun. Huge! There are so many things for the kids to do at this park. Plus they have a walking trail for people to exercise. We really enjoyed our time there.

The Urfer Family Park had a gated toddler section. That was my favorite part! I didn’t have to stress about losing the little one. Plus everything was smaller so I didn’t have to worry about him falling.

This is the playground for school age kids-

It looks like a big tree house. It was a really cute theme. They also had swings and then they had an area for specific exercise like back strengthening, etc. It was really neat.

The walking trail had a boardwalk bridge type thing and then went into a dirt path. I am not sure how long the total trail is but it was a pretty walk.

It was busy!! We went on a weekend so it was probably busier than usual. But it was busy, busy. So keep an eye on your kids!

Click here to get the virtual tour of Urfer Family Park. It is located at the corner of Bee Ridge and Honore Ave. The exact address is 4000 Honore Ave. in Sarasota.

Have a fun park day!





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  1. I have always love nature more than community parks, but now that I no longer have even one, I really miss parks! Can you believe there are no parks in my town? This looks like a great one to hang out at.


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