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Maggie’s new favorite movie is “Tangled.” She loves Rapunzel’s long hair. And my poor baby has never had long hair because it is so curly it slowly, slowly, slowly grows. All of her little friends have long, flowing hair and hers is SHORT. Curly and adorable…but short. So, doing a long hair craft was super fun for her.
Rapunzel Hair Craft fun for girls! My daughter loves the movie "Tangled" so this was a fun craft/game to make and play! Our Mom Explores book club book of the week is called “Falling for Rapunzel.” Such a cute book and perfect for my daughter who is on a total Rapunzel kick. Check out the book here:

To go along with this adorable book, we made pretend Rapunzel hair! It was so easy!
DSC_0735 DSC_0737
This is how we made it. I used yellow party ribbon and cut long “strands of it.” Then I took all the strands and knotted them at one of the ends…
Then I added two shorter purple strands to make it look a little more like the Rapunzel from the “Tangled” movie. Then all I did was clip it to one of my daughter’s bows. AND I actually have a Rapunzel hair bow that she love wearing. So I used that one.

I just clipped the strands into the bow clip and clipped it into her hair and off she went. Here are a few pictures of our Rapunzel play time…
DSC_0748 DSC_0740 DSC_0719 DSC_0710 DSC_0737And there you have it! Fun and super, duper easy (which is my favorite!).

Here are a few other fun activities to go along with “Falling for Rapunzel”:
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Have a fun play time!
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