Pandora at Animal Kingdom with Kids

We had the opportunity to tour the new Pandora at Animal Kingdom and let me just say that Disney, once again, has completely surpassed my expectations! Disney just does it right, ya’ll! There is so much to enjoy for adults and kids, but my kids have never seen the movie “Avatar” because it’s more of an adult movie so they weren’t as excited about it as we were.

However, you can prep your kids and totally do the whole Pandora with your kids with these tips…

  1. Explain what they are seeing
    Ummmm…there are floating mountains. LIKE, FLOATING MOUNTAINS! It’s just so cool. However, my kids are young and we live in Florida so they don’t really know what a mountain is. So my suggestion is to stop the stroller, get down on their level and point out all of the neat things they are seeing, ex. FLOATING MOUNTAINS!!
  2. The Rides
    There are two rides that Pandora has to offer (and both are absolutely amazing). The first, and my personal favorite, is Avatar Flight of Passage. If you love the ride “Soarin'” from Epcot, you will love this ride. There is a height requirement of 44 inches or taller. Keep in mind, that if your children meet the height requirement, it still may be a little frightening. How the ride works is you sit on your own seat that looks kind of like a motorcycle seat and you wear 3-D glasses to make you feel like you are really riding on the back of a banshee. It seriously makes you feel like you are flying through the stunning Pandora with lots of twists and turns along the ride. I loved it, but I am not sure my 5 year old would have been okay with it so we didn’t have her get on it with us. A few other things to note about Flight of Passage are if you or your child get motion sickness, I would be very hesitant to ride this and if you are pregnant you are not encouraged to ride either.The other ride inside Pandora is the Na’vi River Journey. This is safe for children of all ages and height. You ride on a boat through the Pandora rainforest. It really makes you feel like you are there. My kids thought it was cool even though they didn’t know anything about the movie. Very fun, family-friendly ride! Totally worth the wait!
  3. Fast Passes
    I highly encourage you to get fast passes if possible! When we arrived at Pandora in the afternoon the line was 3 hours long!!!! That’s a really long wait and although it is totally worth it (seriously!), I would suggest getting fast passes for both Flight of Passage and Na’vi River Journey. Since this is a fairly new attraction, it is very difficult to get fast passes so the earlier you can set up your fast passes the better. Right now you will not be able to get anything for either of these rides the day you arrive. You need to plan your fast passes weeks and months out.
  4. Stroller Passes
    If you have children that cannot ride on Flight of Passage with you there is an option for a stroller pass this way one person can sit out with the kids while the other rides and then swap places. You will only have to wait in line one time around and the attendant at the beginning of the line will give you a necklace that will indicate that you are swapping places after the first person has finished their turn. Stop at the station at the front of Flight of Passage and ask the attendants for more information about this before you wait in line!
  5. Dining
    Satu’li Canteen offers out of this world food, haha, get it? And the adults will want to grab a Night Blossom Drink at Pongu Pongu!
  6. Get excited
    My kids didn’t have a clue what they were looking at, like I mentioned before, but my enthusiasm made them excited. Point out your observations to the kids! Get excited about the water fall, the drum circle, the glowing ground (I will get to that next, but seriously…the ground glows..). My two year old even yelled out, “Cool mama! Cool!”
  7. Stop by during the day and then swing by again at night
    We went to Pandora in the afternoon because we figured everyone would bee-line over there first thing in the morning, but it turns out that it’s busy all the day long. It’s so great though, that I can’t really blame people for hanging around. We also returned in the evening to have another look and we got to see a whole other side to Pandora. Pandora glows in the dark at night! The ground has glow in the dark elements in it and it really gives it this neat effect you will want to check out once the sun goes down. If you want to get a glimpse of this in the daytime there’s an area inside the Flight of Passage that is part of the bio luminescent world.

Visit Pandora! It’s absolutely stunning. Check out my video tour here…

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Disclaimer: Walt Disney World was kind enough to invite my family to Animal Kingdom to explore the new Pandora in person. As always, opinions are my own. 

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1 thought on “Pandora at Animal Kingdom with Kids”

  1. That does look amazing! My kids are old enough that they have watched Avatar so I know that they would love this. Disney really is amazing in all the little details they always think to include. It’s so magical.


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