3 New Years Eve Balloon Drop Ideas

We visited Panama City Beach a couple years ago, and we fell in love with it! It’s such a great place for families to visit. There is a lot to do. But one of my favorite events that they do is the beach ball drop, which is similar to a New Years Eve Balloon Drop!

You are probably wondering what that has to do with a beach ball drop. Well Panama City Beach puts on a really neat, unique event every year that I LOVE which is a beach ball drop for families on New Years Eve. What a cute idea!!

They release beach balls at 8PM and it’s a really fun time for families. Then most of the families go home and the adults gather in for a countdown to the New Year at midnight. It’s a really great way to accommodate everyone.

We live kind of far from Panama City Beach, so we can’t attend that fun event each year, but I thought we would bring it to our house for New Years Eve. So we made our own beach ball drop for our News Years Eve party last year and it was a big hit.

Now listen, I will be honest. It was a lot of work…..and it lasted only a few minutes. So keep that in mind. However, it was a really cute and fun few minutes of the kids anticipating the beach balls dropping and then tossing them around. So totally worth it!

We did our beach ball drop outside. My parents have a great outdoor area with a basketball court so we did it out there.

We used a tennis net and hung it in two corners of the basketball court. I bought a bunch of small beach balls, but any size will work. I also blew up a bunch of balloons so I added both to our net. We hung the tennis net and then put the beach balls and balloons in there. Then we covered it with a sheet to try to keep them in without the wind blowing them out.

At 7PM we gathered all the kids under and around our tennis net and we uncovered the net. That was a little tricky without all of the balloons and beach balls falling out. I recommend two people on ladders on each end and lifting the blanket up and off. This way you don’t knock them out of the net.

The tennis net is skinny, so that makes it a little more tricky.

Then my husband and my cousin pulled it back and after we did a countdown they flung the beach balls and balloons out at the kids. So they used the net kind of like a boomerang, for lack of better words. It worked well! Check out the video here-

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