5 Minute to Win It Games for game night

Our friends had us over for a SUPER fun Minute to Win It game night! Have you ever done minute to win it games? I thought they were only for kids, but oh my goodness, we had so much fun!

We used to play these minute to win it games with the kids in youth group and we had a lot of fun, but we had a great time playing as adults too. It’s a perfect adult game night theme! There are so many fun minute to win it games that you can find on You Tube and Pinterest, but the are some that I highly recommend. 

Here is a list of Minute to Win It game night ideas….

Minute to win title page

My friends that hosted the party planned everything out ahead of time which made it so fun and easy to get right into the games! They bought everything we would need to play the games and saved the videos on their ipad so they can show us the videos of the rules to each game. And then used a timer because you only have one minute for each player! So it also helped to have the timer on their ipads. It was carefully planned out which made it very fun and easy to understand!

So if you are looking for some great minute-to-win-it games for an adult game night, check out the list below…

Minute to Win It Games

Bite Me Minute-to-Win-It Game

The first game we played was called “Bite Me.” It was a lot of fun. They had five paper bags out and had cut them to different sizes. They were all placed on the floor and we had to pick them up and move them to the table only using our mouths and our feet couldn’t leave the floor.

This was the video that we were shown before we started playing-

It was hilarious! Everyone gave it a whirl, but Jarred and my hubby were the winners! Here’s Jarred getting all five bags-

Chocolate Unicorn Minute to Win It Game

We also played a fun game called chocolate unicorn where you had to stack chocolate donuts on your forehead. How fun is that?!

These were the rules we got ahead of time…

We laughed so hard playing this game! It was so fun. Check out our hilarious pictures.

Pink Elephant Minute to Win It Game

We also played the Pink Elephant minute to win it game where you have to wear a slinky on your head and flip it around without using your hands and make it set on your forehead. It was hilarious…and actually, there was a little skill needed to do this one.

These are the rules to the Pink Elephant Minute to Win It Game-

And this is how silly we looked doing it, but it was so much fun! We laughed so much.

We had SO much fun playing these games! And all of these could work if you want to play minute to win it games with kids. There were even more games that we played that I didn’t document. To get a whole list of great Minute to Win It games, click here.

A big shout out to our friends that hosted this amazing adult game night. We had so much fun! It’s a great way to host a fun adult party!

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