Maggie’s first bicycle accident!

For Christmas we got Maggie a brand new bicycle! It’s her first one and she is obsessed. Last night she asked if she could ride around the garage since it was dark out.

Now, funny story, she didn’t mention to us that she told Santa that she wanted a bike until…you know…the 22nd of December. So that was fun and all. My husband ended up driving an hour to get the store from a different location that had the one we wanted. Poor guy.

So Christmas morning she woke up to this….
Oh the Hello Kitty bike. Isn’t it adorbs?! You can grab it here if you want one! 

Anyways, she wanted us right next to her every time she rode it the first few weeks. Like we could not leave her side and our hands had to be on the bike at all times or she would go into complete panic mode.


So one day I was out with her and I was holding onto the bike and then Charlie did something and I let go of the bike to grab him. Yes, ya’ll…I let go of the bike. Next thing you know down she went. And we had a major meltdown. Well, when I say we I mean Maggie. She pulled a Phoebe! Have you ever seen that episode of “Friends” where Ross teaches Phoebe to ride a bike and he lets go? Here’s a little clip–

THAT is exactly what happened to Maggie and I. And I have this picture to prove it…
Yeah, it is comical…now that it’s all over. My sweet little bike rider. She is getting a lot better at riding her bike now that daddy helps more. In fact, she doesn’t even require us to hold onto the bike anymore. YAY!
So tell me what it has been like for you when your kiddos were learning to ride a bike in the comments below! Would love to hear!













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