$1.99 Kids Meal Deal at Wendy’s

As a mom of young kids, it seems like we are always on the run and dinner can be such a pain if I don’t plan ahead. And lets face it, I don’t really have time to plan ahead. So grabbing something on the go seems to be our go-to a lot of the time which can be very costly. But this summer, Wendy’s has a deal that will really help out busy families like ours!

After 4PM every day, all participating Wendy’s in the Fort Myers area is offering $1.99 kids meals.

This is a great deal! You will be saving almost $2 per kids meal that you purchase.

The Wendy’s Kids Meals have a lot of great choices now too! You now get the option of a main dish, a side and a drink. For the main dish kids can choose between a grilled chicken wrap, 4 pc. chicken nuggets, a hamburger or cheese burger. The side dish options are apple slices, french fries, strawberries and blueberries. The drink choices are milk, an Honest Kids juice box, or a fountain drink.

And the toys they got in their kids meals were super cute. It was a dinosaur that you put together. They came home and put them together and played together with their dinosaurs this afternoon. These Kids Meal goodies change periodically – we heard that something fun with stickers might be coming soon.

This $1.99 kids meal deal ends September 1st so take advantage of it this summer! It’s going on every day after 4PM. This is a good way to eat on the run but not break the bank!

There are 26 Wendy’s locations in Fort Myers and they are all doing this kids meal deal after 4PM. There are also a few other Wendy’s locations around southwest Florida that are participating like the one we visited in Englewood. Just make sure you call the location you are going to before to make sure it’s one of the Wendy’s participating in this promotion.


Oh, and don’t forget to grab a Frosty on your way out! Because, seriously, who goes to Wendy’s and doesn’t get a frosty?

Disclaimer: This is a paid promotion by Wendy’s. Thank you to my awesome readers who continually support my blog! 
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