Garden of the Five Senses in North Port

We love park hopping (and I don’t mean Disney World- although we love that too- ha!). Visiting playgrounds is a budget friendly, fun thing to do with kids and there are so many awesome playgrounds in North Port. We recently found a playground that I seriously don’t know how I didn’t know about it. It’s called the Garden of the Five Senses in North Port and it quickly went to the top of our list of favorite playgrounds.

I always like to give parents a REAL review so ya’ll know what you are getting into before you go. So in order to do that, I like to give pros and cons of playgrounds. Just being real, this playground doesn’t have many cons…if any….but here we go –

Why we love Garden of the Five Senses in North Port

The squishy flooring

My number one reason for loving this playground is the flooring! I don’t know what it’s called, but I love when the flooring of a playground isn’t mulch and is that squishy material. They have super cute designs in this flooring too.

The Playground equipment

We loved the playground equipment. There were so many fun things to play on at Garden of the Five Senses! There is a toddler area for the younger kids and a huge area for older kids. So many fun things to do at this playground!

The Walking trail

There is a walking trail behind the playground that isn’t very long. It’s paved and it’s a nice, easy walk for families. We liked the trail a lot!

The Swings

We LOVE swings! So if there aren’t a lot of swings at a park, it’s a big bummer. There are lots of swings and then there is also a fun swing pictured below.

What we didn’t like about the Garden of the Five Senses

It’s crowded

We went during spring break, so that might have had something to do with it, but it was PACKED! There were tons of kids and parents everywhere. It was a little hard for me to keep up with where my kids were at.

The Garden

There was a garden trail across the parking lot from the playground. This was fun to do, but nothing really exciting about it. We thought we might see more flowers or plants, but it was a little boring.

Here are a few pictures of our walk through the garden –

Overall, we absolutely loved this playground and highly recommend it. We WILL be back! Let me know your favorite playground in the comments below.

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