Beauty and the Beast Coloring Sheets!

I cannot even tell you how excited our entire family is about the new “Beauty and the Beast” movie coming out on Friday, March 17th! Sidenote: we will probably be seeing it at our local Sarasota favorite- the Cinebistro! We seriously love that place! Anyways, the count down is on for one of my favorite Disney movies to come to life!

To help our excitement, we have some fun coloring sheets for the kids! You can download them here, print them out, and enjoy…

Beauty and the Beast coloring sheet

Belle coloring sheet

Gaston and Le Fou coloring sheet

Mrs. Potts and Chip coloring sheet

Lumiere coloring sheet

Garderobe coloring sheet

Here is a little sneak peek of my favorite “Beauty and the Beast” song too…..

Happy coloring!






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  1. It’s coming out here in the UK around that time, too! My hubby is taking our daughter. A Beauty and the Beast puzzle is in the post for her as well; and your colouring pages will certainly help increase her anticipation!


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