Avatar Flight of Passage: What to Expect

There are two rides that Pandora has to offer, and both are absolutely amazing. The first ride  is the Na’vi River Journey. This is a fun and safe boat ride that takes you through the Pandora rainforest where you see creatures of all kinds. It is safe for children of all ages and height. It really makes you feel like you are there. My kids thought it was cool even though they didn’t know anything about the movie. Very fun, family-friendly ride! Totally worth waiting in line for.

The other ride inside Pandora, and my personal favorite, is Avatar Flight of Passage. If you love the ride “Soarin'” from Epcot, you will love this ride. Trust me when I say it will surpass your expectations. Here are a few things to know about your experience on Avatar Flight of Passage:

  1. There is a height requirement of 44 inches or taller
    Keep in mind, that if your children meet the height requirement, it still may be a little frightening. My five year old didn’t quite make the cut and I am glad because I think it may have been a little too intense for her.
  2. You sit on a 4-wheeler type seat
    How the ride works is you sit on your own seat that looks kind of like a 4-wheeler or motorcycle seat to give you the effect of riding on the back of a banshee. You lean forward and look into a screen. It’s so unique. I have never been on a ride quite like it.
  3. You wear 3-D glasses
    This is to make you feel like you are really riding on the back of a banshee and give you in depth visual effects of the world of Pandora that you are exploring throughout the duration of the ride.
  4. Fast Passes
    You will want to get a fast pass if possible. We had one and we bypassed 3 hours…yes, you heard me correctly, 3 hours of line. That’s a long time to wait, although it is completely worth it.
  5. Do not ride if you are expecting
    A lot of rides are “strongly encouraged” to not ride if you are pregnant but this one is a must not do. You are tightly strapped into your seat and your tummy could be a little squished especially if you are pregnant. Do not ride this if you are expecting!
  6. Do not ride if you get motion sickness
    I will say that I did not think this ride was one bit jerky so I think even people who get motion sickness might be okay, but I would probably not risk it if you get highly motion sickness.

Avatar Flight of Passage seriously makes you feel like you are flying through the stunning Pandora with lots of twists and turns along the ride. You experience the excitement of riding a banshee and also the trials a banshee goes through. Spoiler alert- you make it out safe and sound! I loved this ride!

Here is a little video about my experience…


Have fun at Pandora! Let me know what you think of the ride in the comments!
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Disclaimer: My family and I were supplied Walt Disney World tickets to experience the new Pandora at Animal Kingdom. As always, my opinions are my own and I appreciate your ongoing support! 

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