20 Things to do in North Port

North Port is growing! It’s becoming the place in Southwest Florida to live for families. The lists of fun activities and restaurants is getting bigger every year. There are so many fun things to do in North Port.

From Splashing at Atwater Park, to getting frozen yogurt at CocoBerry & Hershey’s Scoops, and family friendly events in North Port going on all the time, you will not be sorry you took your kids out exploring and they will never talk about being bored.

So if you are looking for fun things to do in North Port FL, check out the list below categorized by activity so keep scrolling all the way down for more fun activities.

Parks and Playgrounds in North Port

Blue Ridge Park in North Port

Play on the playground at Blue Ridge ParkBlue Ridge park in North Port is smaller than other parks in North Port, but it’s still a lot of fun for the kids. They also have a great gazebo area for birthday parties so if you are looking for birthday party venues in North Port, this is a great, cheap location. It’s located at 2155 Ridgewood Dr. in North Port.

Let the kids play at Dallas White Park

Dallas White Park has been a go-to playground for years in North Port. I remember going to this playground when I was a kid (of course it has been completely renovated since then). It has a fun playground with shade and a lot of parking. It is located right in the middle of North Port at 5900 Greenwood Ave. If you are looking for something to do in North Port with kids, check out Dallas White Park!

Garden of the Five Senses in North Port

We LOVE the Garden of the Five Senses playground in North Port. The playground equipment is so fun and the flooring is that awesome squishy kind that doesn’t hurt if the kids fall down. They have a trail to walk around and a little garden to walk through. It’s awesome! Definitely worth checking out.

Highland Ridge Park

Another fun playground in North Port is Highland Ridge Park. It has a lot of unique climbing sections for kids. 6225 Kenwood Dr. in North Port.

Take a walk and play at the Hope Park

The playground at Hope Park in North Port isn’t the greatest but there is a lot of room to run around and throw a frisbee. It’s located at 8161 Lombra Ave. in North Port.

McKibben Park in North Port

Let the kids play on the playground at McKibben Park. McKibben Park in North Port is a fun playground right on the water so the background while the kids play is so pretty. It is a shaded park with a big kid section and a toddler section. It’s located at 5500 Trekell Street in North Port. If you are looking for a playground in North Port, this is a great one to try out.

Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park

Walk the trails at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park is a great place to walk or hike in North Port. It’s located at 6968 Reisterstown Rd. in North Port. This is a great spot to see local wildlife. This would also be a great place for family pictures. If you need a good list of where to take family pictures in North Port, click here!

Take a walk at Oaks Park in North Port

Oaks Park is a great place to go hiking in North Port. It is located at 5430 Mandrake Terrace in North Port.

Splash Parks and Pools in North Port

Play in the splash park or at the playground at Atwater Park

We love Atwater Park in North Port. There is a playground attached to a splash park so the kids will be entertained for hours. This is a really fun splash pad in North Port especially on hot summer days. The playground is fun but not the best for toddlers. It’s great for older kids who like to climb. If you need a place to cool off or if you are just looking for a splash park in North Port, definitely check out Atwater Park. It’s located at 4475 Skyway Ave. in North Port.

The North Port Aquatic Center

The North Port Aquatic Center is a fun place to go with the kids. North Port Residents have a discounted admission fee, but be sure to check their website because they have seasonal hours. They have slides, a lazy river and other fun water amenities. Definitely check it out with the kids! We absolutely love this North Port Water park. I highly suggest checking it out.

Kid Friendly Activities in North Port

Fun to be Fit Kids Class

Look at the schedule and see when Fun to be Fit Kids. The teacher is AMAZING and these classes are so much fun! Your toddlers will love it! She used to meet at the North Port Library, but check the website to see her schedule and locations.

Horizon Gymnastics in North Port

Horizon Gymnastics is a great place for the kids to take classes! On Thursday mornings they have an open gym for kids ages 0-5 which is $8 for non-members and $6 for members. My son loves going there and running around and playing on all the equipment.

Take a Tae Kwan Do class at Total Martial Arts & Fitness

This is a great way to get your kids active. Tae Kwan Do classes are fun for kids and teach them life skills. Definitely check it out if your child is interested.

Tot Time at the Mullen Center in North Port

Tot Time at the Mullen Center is a fun way to entertain kids in North Port. There is a room set up with giant blocks, cars, and lots of ways to entertain toddlers. It’s also a great rainy day activity in North Port.

There are always lots of fun activities at the Mullen Family Community Center.

Fun places to go in North Port with kids

The North Port Library

The North Port Library has a great children’s section. There are tons of toys to play with and they have a lot of fun classes every month for kids of all ages.

North Port Skate Park

The North Port Skate Park is a great tween or teen activity in North Port is the skate park. If your child loves to skate board or Rollerblade, definitely check this place out!

SKY Family YMCA in North Port

The SKY Family YMCA in North Port has a great aquatics center. It is a great option for kids to go swimming in North Port.

Kid Friendly Eating in North Port

  1. Check out this big list of where kids eat free or discounted in North Port
  2. Get a scoop of ice cream at Sweet Scoops
  3. Cool off with a snow cone at the Shiver Shack Hawaiian Snow Cones
  4. Eat some ice cream at Mr Ed’s Ice Cream & Shaved Ice
  5. Get Frozen Yogurt at CocoBerry & Hershey’s Scoops

Hope this list helps you find things to do with kids in North Port! Here are a few other things you can do around North Port and surrounding southwest Florida cities…

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